Feature request for the colour blind

Hi there PVOutput software developers, love your charts! Would be even better if you added the marker symbols (square, dot, triangle etc) not only to the line chart when I touch the lines (iPad), but also to (a) the fixed legend below the chart and (b) the dynamic, floating legend with data that pops up. Finally, it would be great if the lines of my own PV system is shown somewhat thicker to recognize it easily.
Happy harvesting!

Do you mean like the below with circles?


Line thickness will be an option in a future update.

Like this:

(but using the same colours as the lines, I probably got it wrong because of my colour blindness).

Great, thanks!

You should be able to set line thickness and use the Split option to make the labeling more clear


The split tooltips work really great for me, much appreciated! Thicker line option is appreciated too, but not what I tried to suggest. Now I can change the thickness of all lines or none, but my suggestions was to make only the the line(s) belonging to my own system(s) thicker. Sunny summer’s greetings from the Netherlands,