Extended Parameters - Net Data Calculation

im not sure how the powerwall or your setup is connected and works so you may be able to use them or a script to devise the correct calculations from your already recorded data.

if its calculating grid export + stored power you could have a script that = that value minus stored power. If you are able to collect that data.
or a different value that might actually be the correct value to start with?

One way I can think of is a S0 pulse meter that records the import (and export or 2 standalone) and one that records export and have them connected between the power meter and your devices. that way its only measuring the power coming in and going out. I have heard CT clamps can record import and export but I haven’t found anything that’s capable for me.

what are you using to collect your data and where are they located in your setup? Can you draw a picture showing what you have and how its connected?