Enphase API

Do I need to do anything I just received this e-mail:

"Due to a significant impact on API performance, effective May 24, 2023, GET /api/v4/systems and POST /api/v4/systems/search endpoints will always return the following 3 fields as -1:

  1. energy_lifetime

  2. energy_today

  3. system_size

If you are currently using the above 2 endpoints to get this data, we request you now use the GET /api/v4/systems/{system_id}/summary endpoint to retrieve the same information at an individual system level. Please note that this update won’t change the API response."

My Enphase has stopped updating PVOutput as of 10:35 am today so pretty sure there will be something we have to change. Not sure what but have asked someone who is far more knowledgeable than I am. WIll pass on anything I find out.

but consumption and power data stopped updating and different times - 10:35am and 1:55pm AEST

Nothing to do, PVOutput isn’t affected by these changes.

This is due to an unrelated outage at Enphase servers - which hopefully should resolved itself soon.

Thanks mate, appreciate the info, it’s usually them

Hi BB…ok maybe thats why I dont see a 5/24 day entry yet for my NY system. I just read this after creating a topic on no updates for today noting Enphase has my today data so far but maybe the servers you speak of are ones that this data gets propogated to for your use and unavailable temporarily. If so just reply that and I will wait til its correctly hopefully before EOD NY time sot hat your auto pull gets the last run in so I don’t have to do a manual day entry. I have a very simple setup just using what you pull in.