Eagle 200 Detailed Setup Instructions


Hi, thanks in advance for your help. I have an Eagle 200 and I’m really confused on how to set it up to get both Generation and Consumption information on PVOutput.

So far, this is what I did: On the portal.rainforestcloud.com site I set it to send my information to PVOutput with the API Key and System ID. I also set it up to send to Wattvision. I see my data in WattVision no problem.

I donated to PVOutput to get the features.

What else do I need to do to get my information to show up in PVOutput? I’m super confused at all the settings in PV Output and not sure how to get the data uploaded.

I really appreciate the help. Detailed info would be really appreciated!


Check this posting: EAGLE push service down?


The Eagle Push needs to be configured locally on the Eagle device.


Once you get it working, just keep in mind that the Eagle only records net data, not consumption or generation. Since you’re already using PVOutput, I assume you’re sending generation data some other way, therefore PVOutput will calculate consumption as Net+Generation


Thank you. I have it sending information now. But it’s just the Net value as mentioned above.

My system is a Sunpower system, and apparently I can’t automatically upload data via an API to PVOutput, unless someone has figured it out. I’d love to figure out how to get my Generation and Consumption separately along with the Net.

Is there a reasonable cost device that I can easily install (like the Eagle) that can handle that?


You would need a separate Generation upload to correctly see the ‘Gross Consumption’ on PVOutput.

The current consumption graph shows consumption going to 0W when generation exceeds consumption, i.e. exporting.


there is a thread here

describing “snooping” on the data that the inverter sends to sunpower’s monitoring servers. on my inverter, the data is sent in the clear (meaning not encrypted) so it can be grabbed as it flies by. but some people in that thread are saying that the newer inverters are encrypting the production data which would render that trick useless.

to my knowledge this is the only way to auto upload production data to PVO.


Hi, can you explain this? I also have an Eagle 200, and its setup with their own (rainforest) cloud service. I have the cloud service successfully streaming data to Wattvision, but I can’t get it to do anything with PVout. What am I missing? Thank you,



Change the Primary Device from Eagle to Wattvision. Enter the Wattvision Sensor Id, API ID and API Key.