Danfoss TLX how to upload production to PVOutput

I realy cant read any where how to automaticley upload data. - not possible to use the build in ftp upload?
Please help

Read the information here. You will need to have a computer which uses this API to gather the information and them upload it to PVOutput.org. This is what I have done to upload my electrical load and PV production to PVOutput. My computer is a Raspberry Pi 3B. It runs a program which gathers data every 5 minutes and uploads it to PVOutput. Works great but requires knowledge of Python programming or at least how to load an existing Python program into the RPI and running it. The go to for such programs is GitHub which you can find by searching on the web. The site is github.com and the account is free. You don’t have to actually start a project just search for what you want. It is all open source so doesn’t cost anything to use it. However, some sites request contributions.
Check this thread as well: Getting API data fr Beginners
Good luck