Cumulative consumption only (c1=3) in addstatus vs add batch status behave differently


I’m a PVOutput donor. I recently had a heatpump installed.

I’m working on setting up monitoring for its consumption. I am monitoring the three parts of the heatpump separately: outdoor unit, indoor unit, controller.

In a first attempt I was uploading the combined total of the three parts, using…&sid=…&d=…&t=…&v3=COMBINED_LIFETIME_CONSUMPTION&c1=3

(I let PVOutput determine the average power based on the cumulative energy.)

This appears to work fine — see GG2C 6.000kW. Great!

But what I really want to do is set up a separate system in PVOutput for each of the 3 independently monitored consumers (because it allows for deeper insight). So I did that using the exact same approach (so c1=3 and uploading only v3), but then automated it to be more efficient/upload historical use by using instead, and using POST instead of GET.

So I got started with 2:

They upload fine … but they do NOT automatically get reset to 0 kWh at the start of the day, unlike SID 93242.

Is it possible this is a bug on the server side? Perhaps because I’m uploading batches that do not align with the end/start of a day, but contain a number of entries at the end of day N and a number of entries at the start of day N+1?

If it’s not a bug, what am I doing wrong?

P.S.: I will publish the corresponding code to allow other Shelly Pro 3EM users to upload to PVOutput as well — check after I’ve figured this part out, then I’ll add the upload_*.sh script too :nerd_face:

In digging through past responses to attempt to find an explanation, I just stumbled upon C1 value for batch status API behaves differently from add status - #4 by bankstownbloke

… which says c1=3 is not supported for addbatchstatus :flushed:

Seems like that did the trick!



Literally the only change: c1=3c1=1.