Crazy Jump in Energy 14, 15, 16 May


Seems to be some sort of calculation error in Energy produced on 14, 15, 16 May.
Looks like the actual data from the inverter is OK. It’s wildly throwing out this month’s energy totals.

Is there a way to get the system to regenerate the accumulated Energy for those days?

Example below:



Is the uploading being performed by Fronius Push or some other method?

If Fronius Push then has an hourly log data push being configured or not.


Yes, Fronius push data, and log data as well being pushed. For whatever reason, just those 3 days seem to be whack.


It likely to be a glitch in the Fronius log data, the data for those days have been fixed.

There have been several reports of abnormal data being sent from the Fronius log push.


An enhancement is in progress to automatically detect faulty data submitted and re-calculate.


Awesome… thanks…