Consumption, who's using what?


What is the ez system for a 3 fase setup. i have 3 fase in to my house, and i have 3 inverters, 1 on each fase.
My solar connection isent in the same place where my power enter my fuse board.

Hope you can help.


Hi…It measures Net Consumption and Solar Production and tracks well with the electric company’s billing. I have a program running on a Raspberry Pi 3.0 which gathers the consumption data and uploads it to PVOutput every 5 minutes. Installation is straight forward but in my case my main breakers caused a problem with phase identification. This particular breaker swaps the output location causing a problem with the location of the CTs in my case.

printed circuit board


I’m using the Fronius Smart meter hooked up via serial to my Fronius inverter.
Then, I have a raspberry PI box that polls the inverter every 5 mins via a python script, and uploads the data to PVO.
Works like a dream. The Raspberry PI is awesome because it has everything, including WIFI, and is really low power to run.