Consumption and savings the same?


I installed a consumption meter earlier today and noticed something on my charts for which I am having the hardest time to find a fix.

What happens is that both my consumption and saved data is the same. While I can understand a logic behind it, it seems incorrect for how the utility measures things over here and how I get charged.

I’m not exactly sure how to explain my situation, but perhaps I can do this through the following chart:

As you can see, I didn’t have a particularly productive day lol.

Anyways, as long as my power usage stays below the power generated line, I am not being charged. The difference would be exported to the grid, and I receive a credit of 15.07 cents for each kWh exported.

When the power usage line goes above the power generated line, I will be charged 31.18 cents per kWh, but if I have credits available, I pay 16.11 cents (31.18-15.07).

Here’s what the stats say for this day so far:


As you can see, both consumption and saved are the same, but this is taken from the idea that all of the 14.7 kWh that is generated would be used for savings, which isn’t the case. Roughly 10.6 kWh was exported according to another chart, so any savings couldn’t be more than 4-ish kWh, could it? It seems like this is being generated or calculated over the total numbers, but given the complexity I think it should be per every 5 minutes. Anything below the green generation line would be savings, but when the usage line goes above the generation line, I’m no longer saving…

I hope I make any sense in what I’m saying lol, it’s all fairly new to me, I’m still trying to understand the various settings :slight_smile:

Btw, I’m using “net” for import and export in the tariff settings

Did I enter a wrong setting somewhere, or am I simply misunderstanding things?

Another thing I can’t seem to wrap my head around is how credits/debits work. I entered both credit and debit (the 15.07 and 31.18), and on the daily page it shows the following:

What I don’t understand is, why is there nothing under “exported”, “import”, and is the credit column “0.00”?

Thanks in advance for any help and insight :slight_smile:


Giving this a little bump to hopefully get some help :slight_smile:

It seems that even with my generation being less than what I consume today, the “saved” column is still the same?

The help section says “generation minus export or consumption minus import” but this doesn’t seem to be the case? If I generate less than what I consume, then my savings can’t be the same, is it?


The system is not registering any export or import and savings will default to consumption.

The reason no export and import is being registered is that no time periods have been defined on the Edit Tariff page.



Wow, I added times for the entire day (00:00-23:59) and it makes a world of difference :open_mouth:

Thanks so much for that, it looks like it is all solved! :smiley:


A follow-up question: when using single tariffs, is it preferred to use peak tariffs with time periods, or off-peak without time-periods (since in the bottom it says “all other times”). Or does it not matter?


Actually the reason net is not calculating is that the system has it disabled. The setting below needs to be enabled for import/export to be calculated.


For a flat rate, enter the tariff rate for peak and keep the rest blank, including the TOU time periods. All import/export will be attributed to peak.


I’m guessing this is why the fields turned blank after a while :slight_smile:

I’ve set it to enabled, and also did the other things you mentioned, thanks again! :smiley: