Anyone else lose 24 hour reporting of temp data?


Ever since I moved to the Eagle POST method of uploading consumption data yesterday, I have lost my 24 hour 5m temp data reporting from Weather Underground.

Now I only see temp data when my system is producing power. And the data only updates every hour or so with an hour lag now.

Did my change briefly to the Eagle Uploader as secondary device with 1 hour History reporting somehow affect my WU temp data uploads?


I’ll know tonight and will post back. I do see the delay you are talking about. My last temp/solar radiation reading showing right now is from 12:40PDT (about 35 minutes ago), but I have consistent history before then. I changed to the Eagle POST method today


Thanks for the comment. Seems to point the finger at Eagle POST with two systems reporting the same way after changing.

I will probably try the change myself tonight after production ceases and switch back to the the Eagle Auto Uploader tomorrow.


i have been missing wunderground weather data for 3 days… but the loss of weather data seems to have happened together with a loss of eagle data that happened at the same time. i think i’ve had this problem before and if i remember right, there’s some connection between all of the API data in PVO… like if one of them fails (the eagle) then PVO does not query WU.)

it’s difficult to know what’s going on, since there’s always the possibility that the WU weather API may disappear at any minute.

i am still debugging what happened to the eagle data; despite the eagle claiming it is uploading data, wattvision does not see anything.


This would explain it -


thanks. by the way i’m not sure if perhaps one of my VPN endpoints is blacklisted by wattvision (i find that a lot of websites identify the cloud provider’s ASN as not being a residential IP address and block it), or if something has gone wrong with wattvision, since i was unable to get the eagle to report anything to wattvision. however, i switched to the eagle POST interface to PVO, and it is working fine.

at any rate i’m not seeing WU temperature data now that i’m using the eagle POST mechanism, is that what you would expect?


Turning off Eagle/Wattvision Auto Uploader will turn off weather downloads.

You should be using the Weather device with the Auto Uploader which only downloads the wundeground data and should run 24hrs.

Eagle POST works separately from the Auto Uploader so there would be no temperature from Wunderground while Eagle POST are being sent.


Thanks for confirming what I was seeing with Eagle POST, BB. I forgot to turn Eagle POST off last night after production and switch it back to Eagle Uploader. Just did that now before today’s production starts today.

I had the Wattvision Uploader set as Secondary device as NET before the loss of Wattvision and always had 24 hour temp data.

I set Eagle Uploader as Secondary device as NET and should get my 24 hour temp data back if what you describe is how it works. Will see. I have not changed SMA Webbox from Solar as Primary device in all these Wattvision shenanigans and that has always worked.


Well that did not work. I was getting temp data starting at 5:00 AM. Was also getting consumption data from Eagle POST.

Changed to Eagle Uploader as NET and stopped getting both temp data and consumption data. Also stopped getting solar insolation data.

Will turn back to Eagle POST and will just expect to have temp data during power production I guess.


thanks, OK i will look into that.


OK a few hours ago i configured the “weather” device and input the nearest station and api key and i’m not seeing any temperature data… my system ID is 42057 if you can take a look and see what’s happening. thanks


Wundeground is responding with a “key not found” error.


argh, thanks. well dunno, that’s the API key that’s on the page. i’ll double check it for spaces or whatnot

edit: welp i double checked it and re-set it (it was correct though) so maybe this is the beginning of the end for my access to the WU api. my RainMachine claims that it’s able to talk to WU for forecast data, however, the log would indicate that it is failing as well. so maybe they turfed my key for some reason.


i regenerated my API key on wunderground and now PVO seems to be pulling the temperature OK. no idea what had gone wrong but of course WU is in a state of advanced decay so not terribly surprised.

i guess my RainMachine is buggy because it really did think it was pulling weather successfully (at least in the web UI) but there were no hits on the key in the WU API control panel.