Add Batch Status results not appearing


Hi Jan

In this instance can you re-apply your environment variables? E.g your plant ID, API key?

I have gotten past the above error by periodically re-setting those.
The problem now is that I instead receive ‘NO DATA RETURNED’ which is a different problem altogether!


Hi catchtherays, nope, still the same errormessages.
I have the variables both in /etc/environment and now also in /etc/profiles.
If I run printenv I see them listed, but the application gives only error messages.

Thanks for your advice by the way…

Regards, Jan


I also found in / an url to au1.fusionsolar.huawei.con:27200.
Since I am in europe, I changed this into
I did not find other files, but perhaps I have overseen one? I do not hope that the application only goes to or works with

Regards, Jan