2 Fronius Inverters (not linked) with 1 Smart meter

Hi all,

I have tried researching and googling and reading previous peoples attempts. I have 2 fronius inverters (recently got the second installed.)

So I have a 6kw with Smart Meter and a new 4kw with no Smart Meter.

In solar.web it works everything out correctly and I see my consumption and export correctly.

In pvoutput I have done the 2 child and parent setup - works fine with the exception of the consumption. The issue I am having is the smart meter is reporting to pvoutput the consumption (but as they are not linked it is minus whatever the 4kw is producing (which is correct there is 4kw less being used). Is there anyway to have this 4kw child system add its output to the consumption of the parent?

Would it be possible to push the generation as consumption?

You mean the smart meter is reporting net data? If this is the case then the child system requires both the inverter and meter data to calculate consumption. The results can be then aggregated to the parent.

Hi bankstownbloke, smart meter is attached to my 6kw inverter, it records what I am consuming from the street.

My 4kw does not have a smart meter, and it is not feeding on the street side, but feeding from the house side.

So the smart meter from the 6kw sees that the load on the house minus whatever the 4kw inverter is pushing in to the house.

Here is my parent which combines the output of both inverters


but you can see that the consumption dips, this is caused by the 4kw.

Is it possible to output the generation of the 4kw as consumption (i.e push the power generation as consumption from the inverter to the child, so the parent combines the 2 to the parent? ) not really fussed if the child doesn’t show correctly, but I am wanting the parent to show correctly.

or is there something in the pvoutput site to combine 2 channels?

This would have to be an enhancement, the inverter data recorded as consumption on the child would simply be added to the parent’s consumption, it won’t perform any net consumption calculation.

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Yes that would be perfect, is it possible to “override/change” the data from production to consumption in pvoutput :slight_smile:

Just trying to understand your setup. Is your second inverter a stand alone system? Or are they both connected to your switch board?

I have 2 5kw fronius inverters set up as master slave. They both produce and the smart meter in the main switch board just monitors what flows in and out of the property. I am also export limited and the smart meter just tells the inverters to ramp up or down depending on production and export limit.

I didnt have to do anything to set it up in PVOutput.

The same for me, two inverter, one smartmeter, working without problems.



stand alone setup, they are not linked together. So the smart meter does not know that power is being put into the system and just sees less load from the grid.

It is now possible to add a “&mode=3” to the end of the inverter push config and all generation will be registered as consumption.

This may or may not solve the underlying issue as the setup also involves parent/child aggregation as well.

Please be aware that there may be unexpected/strange results if this is used on the meter push which has import, export and generation data.